1UZ swaped MK3 supra Headers


I am looking to get rid of the crappy restrictive stock sc400 headers. I am thinking of something along the lines of 4 to 1 stainless steel shorty headers that are as close to a drop in replacement for the SC400 headers. However I suck at welding so fabbing headers myself is not my first choice. So what has everyone done for headers? What options are available and whats the cost? Trying to figure out what the best plan is to get this done in the next few months.


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you could buy a welder, some scrapmetal, a bunch of individual bends, a set of flanges, and teach yourself how to weld for less then a set of custom headers will run you. by far.


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These are a set we make up.


The reasonably long tubes which are still quite small work well for torque.

I have dynoed lots of different exhaust setups with different headers. The maximum HP is about the same with all of them , these included. These improve the torque over the stock header which make the cars faster. We put a bigger exhaust on one and made 10RWkw more but lost torque and the vehicle was slower than the same setup with the smaller system.

The are other greater restrictions to power in these motors other than the headers.