1972 Rover p6 conversion


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Hi All,

so i'm totally new to the forum, but thought i'd post about my current project.

I've got a 1972 rover p6 and a 1994 lexus ls400 as a doner car. managed to get a bit of a bargain on the lexus, 64000 miles, full service history, MOT for a year with no advisories on it for a grand old sum of £790.

currently the 2 cars have been delivered to a workshop for work to commence.

main question I suppose to start is advice on getting a bit more power from the engine. whats the best routes?


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There's not a lot available without spending up.

The engines don't respond to subtle changes.

If you went for a less restricted intake and a better exhaust you may see 15hp.

To get more takes big bucks.

Have a search of the Forum, we have Members here who have extracted big power with turbos and others with a lot less power with superchargers.

A simple low psi turbo set up would be my choice as you can get away with the stock ecu if you keep boost low enough.

Search and you will be rewarded.


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Thanks for the response,

I've been thinking twin turbo and fiddling with the ecu and possibly just a smidge of nitros so far. just thought id see if there were any other routes to go down.