1. George_R

    1UZ vvti overheats at speed. Things to check?

    Running 1UZ vvti off '98 celsior, ~60k' s on it. Timing stuff replaced (belt and everything), water pump also replaced with toyota original unit just incase. Old WP was fine though. Radiator is brand new aluminum aftermarket unit, the biggest one I could fit. Sized about 600x450x60mm. Using...
  2. D

    A341e (30-41e) Problems

    Hi, 1stly i would like to thank everyone for all the information that I acquired here over the last year, it really helped with my build. A few months ago I finished my build. 1uzfe+A341e into a 1978 MK2 Ford Escort. The cars runs like a dream, relatively light on fuel and always good to...