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    the fight

    Mark! Your car is unbelievable! You're doing things that I want to do so badly but can't because of circumstances. Honestly, I've admired your build since the day you started it. I remember when you bought the car, when you tore it apart, and when you posted the first vid of you driving the...
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    the fight

    I've got some pictures that didn't work last time. You're looking at the front brake and coilover conversion. The only reason I'm chopping the strut tube is because the strut I was told would fit, did not fit.. lesson.. research as much as possible before doing ANYTHING! The pictures of the...
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    the fight

    Fast forward some years and I'm still not done. I'm working on the front suspension and brakes at the moment, because I strongly believe it's VERY important to stop.. lol I've also been working on the steering, but no pics for now as I don't have anything worth showing.. the car's gone through...
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    the fight

    It's time I posted some photos of the engine. It's sat in the car forever now, and changes have indeed been made here and there in order for it to sit correctly. I learned that I did not have to cut out the trans tunnel AFTER doing it.. so a note to others.. don't do what others do.. check...
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    the fight

    Originally I had thought to rebuild what was there, but realizing the car was never going to be a show piece, I decided it was worth modifying from 1972 while still staying Toyota true. I had decided that I wanted power every single time I tapped the gas.. whether at low rpm, or high. I wanted...
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    the fight

    hey! I've started a new build thread because the other one sucked. I started this project in about 2005-6 can't remember. It began with a pretty torn up 1972 te27 corolla. When I got the car it came as pictured, 13"rims, 2tg, roll cage, lowered, gutted. The price was great so I accepted what...
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    1uz full manual conversion

    damn.. got here too late.. bah.. this happens too often
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    1uzfe into '84 Starlet

    question.. why are you mounting everything so far back?
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    1UZFE into a 1964 toyota crown (rs41)

    this is actually pretty sharp! i like it!
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    a 1uz will fit into one of these they're no smaller than a te27 i've got one in mine:) it's not THATT bad.. meaning i've seen much worse! lol
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    3.3ltr whipple into Ls400

    i am SO turned on right now this is VERY nice man! in how big a way does this change wiring? how difficult was it to fab a plate and what did the intake throttle bodies come from?
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    quiet performance mufflers?

    okay so i will settle for even just quiet mufflers the flowmaster rumble is a little too much for me does anyone have any ideas that might work for me?
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    quiet performance mufflers?

    alright guys here it goes i want performance but i cannot deal with loud exhaust systems i will indeed sacrifice power for sound my car is going to attract enough attention as is and i want sound to be the LAST thing that is checked on my car. Please let me know if you know of anything 2.5 inch...
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    Exhaust driven jack

    i have to drive my car up on wooden planks before i can even think of putting it up on a jack. usually 2 planks and i can get the jack underneath.. it's a pain for when the car's not at home.. but for myself anyway.. i've got 2 different tire sizes.. cant really carry around 2 spares.. soooo...
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    individual throttle bodies

    has anyone tried mating the individual throttle bodies available on the 20v 4age with the 1uzfe? I need to learn more about this. Please let me know if you've done it.. or perhaps point me in the right direction thanks!