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    3uz wiring info please.

    Any updates on this project? I am looking to take a 3uz with stock ecu and run in an 89 Supra with a w58. Is it easy to delete, or have you all delete the immobilizer?
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    I am sorry to hear about your health issues. It may seem it is never good now these days, but hang in there and feel better. If I may request one thing, if someone is able to pull the parts page until parts are available again because it may be an issue for some who do not know the issue at...
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    custom made 1GZ parts list

    Def going to keep an eye on this thread. This is my next motor and I plan on fitting in an scx00 or sc430 chassis. Or I'll just get another mkiii supra for it!
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    Need help!!!! auto tranny.

    I'll check out shipping cost on Monday and see what they want.
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    Need help!!!! auto tranny.

    Referencing this thread , I need a spacer ring and a support for the "pilot bushing". This seems like it will start costing me as much in Fab as buying another replacement. Sucks... hah. Any ideas? I need to search how difficult it...
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    Need help!!!! auto tranny.

    The bh on the 2jz tyranny I have is 5 1/2 inches long and my uz is 6 inches long. I don't have any room for play on the input shaft do I? The tq converter must be fully on right?
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    Need help!!!! auto tranny.

    Its an a30-40ls (a340ls) and my sc is an a341. I am curious, and hope I will be OK.
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    Need help!!!! auto tranny.

    Sorry, this is not a 650. The 2jzgte vvti had a 3 series. Let me find the model number.
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    Need help!!!! auto tranny.

    I need help. The auto in my sc400 is going south and right now I have too many fired going and not enough capital. I have a 2jzgte vvti swap in progress with my 91supra and have the auto from the vvti to spare. I am curious if since the vvti is fully electronic. Valve bodies and the sc is...
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    serpentine idler pulley

    where do you get a bearing? If I get it out, I would like to already have the bearing.
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    5.2L Stroker

    Dangit, I wish to see a decent running product, this may switch my build a little bit.
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    Official rpk2012 Build Thread

    ACK, Cannot edit here, sucks. Here is a new updated list here. Specs: -1992 SC400 - White -117k Original Miles -ALL STOCK -********$2,500******** Plans: -1st - Complete all maint. on engine/tranny untill extended plans are ready to "Drop in" Starter (Rebuilt, local) $85 o2 - Upstream RT...
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    Whipple S/C in a Soarer.

    Any video of this thing running? Would like to hear how this thing sounds. Cannot wait to see it boosted a little higher and put down some solid numbers.
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    Official rpk2012 Build Thread

    Thanks hah. Yeah, its in my blood, but I got an itch for some more interesting projects.
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    Official rpk2012 Build Thread

    *UPDATED* Decided on motor, and going in for maint to 1u for my daily needs for now. Plan on purchasing a whole Century and having it parted out for anything I need. Adapt Drive by wire Seek Dr. Tweak for harness work Adapt creature comforts Modify cross-member and or mounts to fit front sump...