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    4 valve OHC vs 2 valve OHV

    Not xUZFE but interesting comparison between a modestly built Ford 5.0 Coyote 4v and the GM LS3 2v While I own and really like the 1UZFE... for swaps... the LSx family is available all alloy (low weight), significantly smaller external dimensions, larger displacement, than most 4v options...
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    Are you KIDDING ME!!!

    I definitely like fast street cars that do not look fast (sleeper) that said the above car would be competitive in Top Fuel Dragster through the 1980's.
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    Road Trip Coming Up

    Nice work Rod! Maybe a low boost turbo system... 4-6psi sort of thing... could do the job. Still, excellent job running in a self engineered vehicle. Very few could manage. Very cool that the wife requires you to keep it!
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    Are you KIDDING ME!!!

    Ok, this is not "todays" news... but... HOLY... 5.46 at 272.50mph :eek::eek::eek:
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    Is the UZ series still the way to go

    Hey Z, how about this Chevy... I am certain John Cribb will approve :)
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    Twin Turbo 1UZ goodness!

    Whoah!!! Nice driving keeping it off that 2nd wall! Hard to lift off the brake when sliding locked up like that. Bet those radiator hoses will be solidly in place next time you run ;)
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    My car on The Smoking Tire

    Cool stuff. Congrats!
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    Hello, new here to Lextreme. A few FI questions.

    Sweet! I would look to block that heated air off the radiator from going into the air cleaner/blower inlet. Feed it cold air and you have that much less heat load to deal with.
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    Twin Turbo 1UZ goodness!

    What a BEAST! So, basically the same power at 4 pounds less boost? Nice. Looks like you are making at least 20hp/lb boost so 34 should break the 1000hp mark all things equal.
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    TT 1UZ-FE update

    I have always thought a dual fuel system was a great way to go. Stand alone systems almost never deliver the level of drivability and efficiency that the stock system does and street cars spend a very SMALL amount of total time under boost. Just make CERTAIN to not go into rev limit fuel cut...
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    Nice car there Paul Have you changed the capacitors in the ECU? These fail at nearly 100% rate. Here is the best info on the subject that I am aware of.
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    TT 1UZ-FE update

    Nice power! If you had it set up for drag racing it should go 11s
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    1GZ Porsche swap

    sweet project
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    poorsupra's build thread **sc400/r154/turbo**

    That's good news! Nice to see your progress and look forward to your driving report. With the fabrication work you show I would suggest at some point building a turbo side exhaust manifold to get rid of that fast 180 you have. Until then what you have will certainly make some power.
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    Not a Lexus/Toyota but damn impressive turbo motor

    Not sure what the current record is but this car ran 5.73 @ 259mph in mid 2013. Go turbo!