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    1UZFE Twin Turbo Kit with VNT25 Garrett Turbos

    Decided I am going to go with a bigger turbo setup so the manifolds and turbos are for sale. Only whats in the picture is included.
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    FS: Mines ECU

    Mines ECU from a Celsior as shown in the picture. Currently running a UZ from a 94 Soarer. Only selling as going to full standalone for due to turbo application. Looking for $700. Located in Brisbane. 0431275072
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    FS: w58 Adapter Kit for Manual Conversion [QLD]

    Selling my w58 conversion kit as I've decided to go 6speed to meet me new power goals. Kit has 0km traveled, but has been bolted up to check fitment and function - fits well. Includes: Quartermaster Throw Out 721-100 Aluminum Flywheel W/ Ring Ger (5.03KG!!!) QuantumAuto Clutch + PP Rated at...
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    1990 LS400 Brake upgrade

    Best place to get the rebuild kits from online for the 4 Pot fronts?
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    1UZ-FE Won't Crank Over

    Not sure, 4 Speed from a soarer Im told (94). Only throwing Code 28 now. Replaced AFM and no change. Are there any sensor on the block, crank etc that I should look at replacing that will cause this.
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    1uz starts and dies :/

    Solved part of my problem, turned out the washer I had on the fuel feed had a slightly to small ID and was restricting fuel flow. Car starts now but still stalls when opening the throttle.
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    wrong mass air/ help with vacuum and coolant lines

    PM Me with a price delivered to Australia.
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    1uz starts and dies :/

    I've got the exact same issue and have been unable to figure it out also!