Online Seller Feedback

Here are a list of Negative Sellers Online or Ebay:
: Negative is all I can say.  I purchased product from him via Ebay and I asked him if I can do pick up since I only 5 minutes away.  He said NO.  That is fine so I pay full amount including the $12.00 Shipping fee (the product only $8.88)  I dont mind paying him shipping fee but i need it right away.  The auction end at August 23, 2003 and I tried to contact the seller as soon as the auction end and no respond for few days.  Finally on August 25, i got an email from him and have me call him.  So I did and I begged Wilson (his assistance) that I need it urgently and they refuse for me to pick it up.  On August 26, 2003, I paid via paypal and it cleared on Sept 2, 2003.  On Sept 8, 2003 the product still have not send yet.  Worst, I got an email from him saying it was sent, but check UPS and USPS no such tracking number.  Later that day, I received two additional email saying they will send out the product in the next few days.  That is after I email him about the false tracking number.

I have left many emails and phone calls.  Only talk to his assistance once and he promised if I pay that day, I will get the product the next day.  As of today, no product.  This is an unprofessional seller and please do not buy from him.  He is not honest and the service is extremely bad.  Stay away from him......  Do NOT BUY FROM HIM.

XOXOPARTS:  Do not buy it from them.  I purchased something from their store front shop and I was not inform all their products are non refundable.  I understand the product I bid online, but store front sale should be refundable or exchange.  Sale Reps. are rude and unhelpful.  Contacted them few times, but they all trying to delay the process.  Please do not buy from them.  Bad company to deal with.  What is worst I was promised No Tax when I pay cash, guess what, they charge me tax.  Nothing wrong with paying tax, but do not promise someone over the phone.  Actually, they offered not tax if I pay with cash. Some federal agencies like the IRS should look into this company and audit it.  They also charge an additional $10 for picking up the product.
I ordered a complete package on MIG welder and there few parts missing. Contacted the seller twice and no response. I will call them, but just to let u know. This company is very bad with support and highly recommend to stay away from this company.  They have great prices, but the service is not worth the trouble.  Stay Away!
Stay away from them.  This place specialized in digital cameras.  Its based in New York and their ads are deceptive.  For example.  When they purchase a camera from the manufactures like Canon, Sony, Casio and so on.  They would take everything out like the battery, the charger, the memory and all the accessories.  They would advertise for about 30% lower then any other seller on the net.  After you purchased, they want to you call them up and they would try to use a sell technique to hook you.  The email normally comes after 5-7 days.  If you add all the essential accessories up, their price is way higher than the rest.  This deceptive tactics is used.  This bate and switch is only work on the short run.  I want to warn you about this company.  Stay away.  bestchoicedigital (best choice digital) is a bad business to deal with.  Stay Away!

SSAutochrome what can I say about them.  They are the biggest turbo and turbo accessories seller on Ebay.  They are a power seller on Ebay and selling few thousand products already.  They use the oldest and the dirtiest advertising tactics in the world and people fell for it including myself.  However, I would not let them do to you like they did to me.  Please read about the link above and you make the decision yourself.  Stay away from their products.

I feel this is how we can get back to them for their deceptive tactics.  If you have any bad experience like me and million other victims, please email me with your story and the seller name and site so this page will hurt their sells and perhaps help others.

If you have any questions, please email me


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