1. EIL_V8

    I use copper/nickel spark plugs in my Soarer (Sc 400). Cheapest available. Runs great!

    I am using BKR6E-11 NGK spark plugs in my 1uzfe (1991 UZZ31 JDM Soarer). They claim to last 25,000 miles. I feel the car performs better than with iridium and double platinum plugs. Anyone that needs a plug change might want to check these out. It should also be noted that race cars use...
  2. D

    Stock ECU For Spark and Transmission Management Only

    Hello Lextremists, I have a 1992 SC400. I would like for the stock ECU to continue to do the following functions. 1-Spark/Timing Management. 2-Stock Transmission Control. Do you think the ECU will still run spark if the only sensors connected are the -Crank speed, and Cam Position...