single turbo

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    LS400 single turbo project

    Hi, I'm starting the turbo project on my car. It's a 1990 ls400 with stock 1uz and 260,000 miles. I got a Holset HX35 from a friend and want to put it on. I am making a list and I have so far thicker head gasket and arp head studs, intake piping, etc, and I was going to go with the Apexi SAFC I...
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    GT3582 t3 exhaust too small for single?

    Hey guys, I've got a GT35 .82ar with a t3 exhaust side. I've seen similar setups with this size turbo on a few twin turbo 1uzs but never just a single. I'm worried that this might be too small of a turbo and might choke to motor out. The current plans are low boost (5-6psi) and general...