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    Master machinist; greenhorn mechanic

    Hello all, I need help here. I own a 1990 ls400. Planning on making a mean sleeper out of it. I can make just about every part under the hood from scratch, but I have no idea where to start as far as the wrenching side if things go. So here we go guys. A little patience will go a long way...
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    1uz swap into a '89 Mercedes w126

    Hey everyone! Ive got lots of questions concerning a 1uz swap into my dying Merc. I have 3 levels of the build in my mind. 1. A reality build that I can afford and does the intended job of keeping my ride alive. 2. A build just above reality where its either a cammed out n/a fire...
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    Hey gear heads!

    Hey guys, the name is Aaron. I have a 1996 LS 400 w/ 256k miles. This was my dads old car and was a hand me down. (he got a ls430) But none the less I fell in love with the car and its V8 under the hood. Ive been wanting to mod the car here for about a week. Ive been digging around on the...