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    1UZ suddenly feels underpowered, but everything seems ok?

    I have a 1UZ with a w58 running on MS2 and EDIS 8 for ignition. It was running fine for a good while and recently it has become very sluggish. It seems generally slow to rev, but otherwise it drives fine. AFR's, ignition timing, mechanical timing, TPS etc all seem to check out fine. I re did the...
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    Megasquirt info for 1uz

    Instead of help, I thought I would offer some. I put the 1uz/A340 from a 92 SC400 into my 95 Nissan pickup. Ran it this way for about 2 months, and the stock ECU started running funny. Ground issues, dropping one coil, no read out on CEL. Things just started piling up. With future upgrades...