1. S

    Engine throws codes for bad MAF

    Hey there, I've been working on my sc400 and keep getting shuddering and stalling when driving. The car runs extremely rich and idles all over the place too. Ive replaced the maf sensor twice now and still nothing. The wiring harness appears to be in working order too. I'm getting check engine...
  2. 77highlux

    CODE #24 ONLY - ECU or MAF Circuit Issue?

    Hey guys, here's the details below. This one has stumped many shops and I'm finally honing in. I would like to avoid building and installing a stand-alone harness for both the TPS and MAF circuits and feel that this testing proves the circuit in the ECU itself is shot. All parameters are reading...
  3. 1

    1993 LS400 Idle / AFM

    Hello everyone, my name is Martin and I am from Germany, reading on this Forum for quite a while, I decided to get active due to a tech. Problem on my LS400, I hope there is some help here as this seems to be the most qualified Forum, great! Problem is as follows. On a big service on my car I...