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    Any supercharger manifold cnc files out there?

    Hello all, I'm a new member but long time troll. I just picked up a 1995 SC400 and love it, but wish it had more power. I've been in cars a long time and have several running projects, built a number of turbo cars (mostly rice burners) and have a good deal of general car knowledge. I've...
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    2uz M112 Project

    Hey guys so I'm thinking of supercharging my 2uz in my 03 tundra for shits and gigs. Of coarse we all know the 2uz has those weak toothpick rods. I'm not trying to make it a track car but definitely wanna be the talk on the street. So here's my plan. I'm thinking of buying 1uz (early gen.) rods...
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    2uz M112 modified intake manifold.

    Can anyone modify a 2uz intake manifold to accept a m112 blower? Ive seen it done on 1uz's, but what about 2uz's?
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    Question about the Bullet kit

    Hi guys Looking into getting an M112 from a Cobra/Lightning For my SC 400 and I know that Bullet Cars makes a kit for them. However upon emailing them, they replied that they aren't sure if it's a direct bolt-on without further modification to the kit or fitment under the stock hood. From...