ls400 wiring

  1. 77highlux

    CODE #24 ONLY - ECU or MAF Circuit Issue?

    Hey guys, here's the details below. This one has stumped many shops and I'm finally honing in. I would like to avoid building and installing a stand-alone harness for both the TPS and MAF circuits and feel that this testing proves the circuit in the ECU itself is shot. All parameters are reading...
  2. SpeedLove

    A341E solenoid control question

    Hello. My understanding is that the foward 4 gears in an Aisin A341 are controlled by 2 solenoids on the valve body, and the trans is controlled by the ECU. S1 on S2 off = 1st. S1, S2 on = 2nd. S1 off S2 on = 3rd. S1, S2 off = 4th. So, Im planning to wire the 2 shift solenoids on my ucf11...
  3. J

    96 ls400 engine swap

    I bought a 96 ls400 thinking I was getting a good deal but ended up having to put another engine it. The engine currently in it is not the original. But it is a 1UZ. The one I'm putting in is also a 1UZ. I pulled the old engine but noticed that the wiring harness has a lead to the left O2 censor...
  4. S

    Engine swap wiring

    Does anyone know if Venom Cobras are still trading? tried emailing but no response? trying to find a solution for wiring a std 91 LS400 and auto trans into a cobra. I have no experience on LS400 wiring and ECU's in general. Venom seemed to have a plug n play loom connector. I have all the...