1. Bayareese

    Project Thread C10 engine swap/build

    Hi am Reese 20 United States I am looking for help building a boosted 1UZ-FE I have little knowledge of engines and don't claim to know much, so if possible explain things to me in detail please I want to start out by make around 400-500 horse power with capability to make 700 horsepower in...
  2. EIL_V8

    Toyota Soarer V8 Hydraulic fan leaking. May convert to electric fans. (Lexus SC400).

    Hi guys, I have an issue. The 1UZ Soarer hydro fan seems to be leaking from somewhere... It appears the hose clamps may be bad on the pump outlets as that's where the gunk is but I cannot see the problem properly so the car is booked in on the 11th to be checked. I suspect a failed pump...
  3. A

    Is it possible to swap a 1uz fe non vvti into a 06 Lexus gs430.

    this idea has been in my head forever now and I want to make it happen. I’m bored of the 3uz fe, and I want to make my Lexus 06 GS fast but I found out that the sleeve thickness is different from the 1uz. So will it be possible to swap a 1uz fe non vvti in it? And will it be okay to use the...
  4. D

    96 1uzfe swap to a ra64 celica with a w58

    I am currently right in the middle of swapping my 84 celica gt ( ra64 ) and time be completely honest I dint know shit about wiring a swap. I have the loom out and but I am missing an ecu and was wondering if I should try to buy a reman’d ECU or just go stand alone. Is it possible to keep stock...
  5. T

    do you know who have made this adapter kit, 1uz to w58???

    1uz adapter kit:
  6. S

    i need help with swap

    i own 93 ls400 my motor is done and wondering on a swap i currently own a lexus sc300 with a 1jzgte and have a 2jzgte motor in my garage, should i drop the 2jzgte in my ls400 and if so how would i go into doing it, my main concern is the wiring like should i use a standalone or can i use the...