1. Rodan Wrangler

    Naturally aspirated 1UZFE?

    Hi guys I am a retired airline pilot and a current hotrod shop owner in Texas. I have built a few 1UZFE's over the years, but honestly we deal in very few Japanese engines. The majority of our cars are old trucks and American muscle, as well as some German and Italian supercars. We specialize in...
  2. I

    WTB:Intake Plenum for '93 SC400 w/M90

    I have a '93 SC400 that i'm trying to supercharge. I'm looking for a bolt-on, 180 degree intake adapter for a rear intake GM M90 Supercharger. This part will allow me to connect my stock throttle body to my M90 and will also, hopefully, allow me to keep my ICV functional. If you have one...