1. EIL_V8

    Dashboard installation (covers under steering wheel) help needed please.

    Hey guys, I had my car not cranking for a while due to the starter wire melting, and in that time I had a mechanic take the covers under the steering wheel off to test the ignition and everything. Right now everything underneath the steering wheel (ignition) is hanging down supported by the...
  2. EIL_V8

    I use copper/nickel spark plugs in my Soarer (Sc 400). Cheapest available. Runs great!

    I am using BKR6E-11 NGK spark plugs in my 1uzfe (1991 UZZ31 JDM Soarer). They claim to last 25,000 miles. I feel the car performs better than with iridium and double platinum plugs. Anyone that needs a plug change might want to check these out. It should also be noted that race cars use...