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    1993 LS400 Idle / AFM

    Hello everyone, my name is Martin and I am from Germany, reading on this Forum for quite a while, I decided to get active due to a tech. Problem on my LS400, I hope there is some help here as this seems to be the most qualified Forum, great! Problem is as follows. On a big service on my car I...
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    Fast idle issue when warm

    I recently finished an 1uz engine conversion into a Mercedes W202. It goes well and I'm really pleased with it. However there is one small problem/annoyance that I would like resolved! A bit of background information... It is a 1uz from a 91 Celsior, also using the celsior autobox and...
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    1UZ-FE with Rough Idle, mm the IAC?

    Hello everyone I always read the forum and helped me a lot in the project finished a while ago a toyota hilux with 1UZ-fe motor (a 1992 SC400) coupled to a 4x4 R150F. At first it has gone great, nothing to say the engine is great, I have only one drawback which unfortunately has now become...