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    Eaton TVS2300 for 1UZ, 2UZ, 3UZ

    Hello everybody! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! At first, sorry for my english, i'll make a mistakes during this text. I want to announce some stuff, which we made for some guy. He wanted put the Eaton-charger TVS 2300 (Shelby GT500) in his 1UZ. Here is a photos how we did that. Our...
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    GS430 3UZ-FE Supercharger + Manifold kit

    Hello to all Who may be, tell me where you can buy a Supercharger kit with Manifold for 3UZ-FE under the Eaton M112. Just need a Strocker Kit: Rotating Assembly, Forged Pistons / H Beam Rods Combo. I only found locked topics, but they did not give any benefit. thank you:)