1. 77highlux

    CODE #24 ONLY - ECU or MAF Circuit Issue?

    Hey guys, here's the details below. This one has stumped many shops and I'm finally honing in. I would like to avoid building and installing a stand-alone harness for both the TPS and MAF circuits and feel that this testing proves the circuit in the ECU itself is shot. All parameters are reading...
  2. G

    Speedometer wiring

    Hi everybody :) For 1996 ls400 I am trying to connect the ecu to run the speedometer without the circuit board . The actual speedometer has three inputs a 12v , ground and signal. The signal is to be received from pin 12 off the the ecu 28pin plug . It connects to b plug pin 8 on the instrument...
  3. George_R

    Lexus IS250 to 3UZ-FE (completed)

    Two recent projects of mine, 3UZ-FE 6a/t to IS250 Both of them feature fully functional instrument panel, a/c , push start and most importantly TRC & VSC systems. Other key things to mention are stock looks both inside and outside, clean wiring etc Old demo clip of the 1st car's VSC...
  4. George_R

    1UZ VVTi / 3UZ / 2JZ stock ECU conversion for M/T

    This offer is a device that eliminates limp home mode, which is otherwise active if ECU does not 'see' stock auto transmission. Earlier ECU models (1UZ non-vvt, 1jz, 2jz before 1998) didn't have "underpowered" fuel/spark/vvti (for the JZ) maps for N/P transmission range, so these ECUs are...
  5. K

    WTB: 1997+ SC Front Bumper, any color!

    Looking for a 97+ SC front bumper. Must be in damage free condition. Let me know what you have. Thanks!
  6. F

    1UZ-FE into a Mercedes G Class

    Hello. My name is Andreas from Germany and I`ll try to keep my introduction short. Since 2003 I`m very fascinated by all types of 4x4. It`s a beloved passion and I'm learning more every day. So I decided to use the very lovely Lexus V8 4.0l engine as new heart of my old Mercedes G Class...
  7. T

    1UZ into MB 190E

    conversion for Mercedes Benz 190E in South Korea. Originally I was planing to get 1uz vvti into my 190E, but it's changed to non-vvti because its intake mechanism looked very far from my technical expectation. Although I didn't have any problems with immobilizer, drive-by-wire and other...
  8. E

    Convert Izusu 2.8DT motor to Lexus 1UZFE V8 with an Autobox

    Hi All, I am doing some homework regarding swapping my 2001 Izusu Rodeo / KB280 DT motor with a Lexus 1 uzfe V8 with an autobox. Has anyone done this? And if so what do I need to look out for? Also any pictures would be very helpful. Many thanks!