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    1UZ to TR6060 MG( (longer bell and input)

    Hey gents and gentettes, Im very new to this forum and also 1UZ's in general, be gentle! Im doing an engine swap on a volvo 240 sedan to a 1UZ, and have a TR6060 MG9 from an LSA/LS7/LS9 (longer bell and input shaft for a bigger twin plate clutch id imagine). I would like to know if anybody...
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    1uz (1st gen) intake adapter

    (i hope im posting to the right spot) hello all, im new to the lexus community, i bought a (1st gen) 1uz with a bunch of extras. i plan on putting it into a 81 toyota pickup, but in the mean time of gathering parts, i came across a 4.7 TRD SC, which i have a chance to get my hands on...
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    WTB:Intake Plenum for '93 SC400 w/M90

    I have a '93 SC400 that i'm trying to supercharge. I'm looking for a bolt-on, 180 degree intake adapter for a rear intake GM M90 Supercharger. This part will allow me to connect my stock throttle body to my M90 and will also, hopefully, allow me to keep my ICV functional. If you have one...