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    1uz (1st gen) intake adapter

    (i hope im posting to the right spot) hello all, im new to the lexus community, i bought a (1st gen) 1uz with a bunch of extras. i plan on putting it into a 81 toyota pickup, but in the mean time of gathering parts, i came across a 4.7 TRD SC, which i have a chance to get my hands on...
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    1uzfe thick rods!!!!!!!

    Wanting thicker and stronger rods for my 2uz. Willing to negotiate prices.
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    2uz M112 Project

    Hey guys so I'm thinking of supercharging my 2uz in my 03 tundra for shits and gigs. Of coarse we all know the 2uz has those weak toothpick rods. I'm not trying to make it a track car but definitely wanna be the talk on the street. So here's my plan. I'm thinking of buying 1uz (early gen.) rods...