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    Sorry sideshow, I don't get on to Lextreme very often, and for some reason my email...

    Sorry sideshow, I don't get on to Lextreme very often, and for some reason my email notifications have stopped. $200 for the soarer ecu is great mate, will take it. How do you want me to pay?
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    JDM Soarer (UZZ30/UZZ31) ECU

    As title. Needs to be JDM (cannot be USDM unfortunately). Thanks
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    84 supra 1uz swap Spark is completely controlled by the ECU. You'll need a fully tuneable ignition ecu if you want to run a carby.
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    WTB 1uzfe Crown Air con compressor

    It does have a longer bit at the back, all the others are shorter, which means they'll fit. Going the other way though, and you may run into problems.
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    The CRS R series bellhousings are designed to suit an R151 with a 160mm input shaft. CRS make a 30mm spacer you need to use for the R154 (190mm input shaft). I believe Dellow make 2 different bellhousings, one for R151 and one for R154. Unless they stuffed up the casting, the bellhousings...
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    WTB 1uzfe Crown Air con compressor

    You can use an AC compressor from any 1UZ, unless you specifically need the Crown one (Crown one has the speed sensor in it, where as Soarer/Celsior does not).
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    Power steering seal kit (Aus)

    You can get them from any Toyota dealer with that part number (may not be in stock though). Also, just because the ebay ad says will not ship internationally, doesn't mean they won't. Best to ask.
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    noob question

    Yep, and the 1UZ puts out a 4cyl tacho, so you need to convert it to the correct number of pulses to ensure that the tacho reads correctly.
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    noob question

    The non-turbo tacho will not need the booster, but you'll still need some form of converter to change it from 4cyl to 6cyl. There are many types on the market, that one I've linked to is just an example. For the conversions I've done, I've just had to connect the single wire temp sensor...
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    noob question

    I wish I understood can-bus better. I want to do a conversion on a circa 2005 toyota with a 2010 motor. But I know I'll spend months just getting everything to run right!
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    noob question

    Just had confirmation that he used the Jaycar Speedo Corrector.
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    noob question

    So far every conversion I've done (similar number to yours) the temp gauge has worked fine. Toyota used the same sensor from the early 80's to the mid 90's on pretty much every engine (except for the ones that use CAN-BUS to talk to the dash, but they are only circa 1998 onwards). I'd be very...
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    noob question

    Temp guage will work fine. 100% guarantee. Its only 1 wire to connect. If its not working, you haven't wired it correctly, or its faulty. Tacho will need a booster (can be made from a relay and $3 worth of parts - And can be...
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    noob question

    Temp gauge will work fine with the 1UZ sensor Tacho will work if its a 7MGE dash. If its a 7MGTE dash you'll need a "tacho booster". It will also read 50% out so you'll 4cyl to 6cyl converter. Oil pressure gauge will be fine, except as stated you'll need to reuse the 7M's sensor.
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    Pin outs

    I'm pretty sure thats a UCF20 LS400/Celsior ecu. I don't think I have seen a pinout for one of those, but I haven't really looked. The UCF10/UCF11 uses the same plugs, but I'm not sure in the pinout is the same. Highly likely that the colours would differ though.