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    '95 LS400 W58 manual swap help w/ speedometer

    waiting on this as well.....
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    h151f in a sc400... (question for 5spd owners- please help)

    Now that I know that this transmission was offered in a 2uz configuration and only needs the h151f flywheel and clutch, my next question do we use sc400 computer? Can we fool it to stay in neutral or park and keep it happy? ( neutral switch) Pin 14 on plug 3(22?) should have 12v...
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    Very Rare 2003 Landcruiser 2UZ 5 SPD Manual Transmission for sale

    how much? bolt on to 1uz correct?
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    OC CA LS430 Tech Wanted

    you probably want to check a company like level10 if you want performance transmission stuff....locally? no clue..... these guys are in NJ
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    Performance Torque Converter

    Lexus early models performance torque converter: (1UZFE) Price: $464/shipped ($175 core fee refundable within 30 days) Does this mean $464 plus core charge or $464 including core charge?
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    A650e Improvements?

    high stall will increase your 0-60 but you will actually lose on the top end.Only useful for 1000-3000prm launch IMHO
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    Which MLS gasket works best?

    even with cut head and block?
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    Which MLS gasket works best?

    Cometic? Lexus MLS VVTi? or Felpro Perma torque? Please let me know your experiences with each...
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    Upgraded 1UZ Head Studs

    Also found these. You will need 3 and then cut to size. 170,000 tensile strength but no hex cap I have taken the plunge . I purchased 3 meters and matching 12.9 nuts. I will let you know how long they last.
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    Upgraded 1UZ Head Studs These are industrial grade bolts rated 12.9 instead of oem 10.9 with a M10 x 1.5 x 110m Min. Yield Strength (MPa): 1,100 Min. Tensile Strength (MPa): 1,220 Not quite ARP but definitely a step up over stock bolts and only cost $30 + shipping for 25...
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    Upgraded 1UZ Head Studs

    so the dimensions of the 1uz head bolts are M10 x 1.5 x 110m with a tensile strength of about 180,000.. I am going to try to find a manufacturer to provide some thing similar. In the meantime the ARP 674-1011 M12 x 1.5 x 100m are chromoly 8740 and although they aren't studs would probably be a...
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    Upgraded 1UZ Head Studs

    but are the length and thread correct is the question.....
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    Upgraded 1UZ Head Studs

    Sorry, I know this is back from the dead but noone has 2zzge studs. I am going to try the RB25s but ARP list two part numbers. Can anyone verify the correct one? Head Stud Kit Nissan 2.5L RB25, 6-cylinder Kit #: 202-4309 Specifications Socket Size(s) 5/8 12pt, 3/16 Allen or Head Stud...
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    Black door panels wanted

    oem or quality dyed accepted.Just need them to look good so I can sell car...
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    wanted cometic MLS and ARP studs

    just like the title says- looking for cometic MLS Head gaskets and 2zzfe main studs that arp sells which we use for 1uzfe head studs Revised....purchased 12.9 80,0000 tensile studs from a metal manufacturer for less than $100. no longer needed