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    Where to get fuel injectors rebuilt?

    My sc400 wont start after it gets hot. I am fighting lyme disease and the severe fatigue that comes with it. I think the problem is leaking fuel injectors that flood the engine while it sits for 30-45 min. I know some people suspect the fuel pump ecu. I am leaning towards fuel injectors, they...
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    New V12 Daily Driver (Ferrari 550 Maranello)

    I agree, it looks like an early 2000's supra tuner engine bay. Kinda like something you'd expect to see on an old Mitsubishi eclipse
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    Lexus 1990 LS 400 and 2011 LS 460 Champagne Glass Test

    nice, wonder if that 90 had motor mounts replaced?
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    Where are the 3ur 5.7 swaps at ?

    Just looked over your swap. x3 on being a Mad Man. Great work, looks like if you want to put the 3ur in something, you will make it happen. Curious what you want to put it in? Is the 4.6 in the gs460/ls460 the same large dimensions as 3ur, they make the same hp.
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    Cam pulley bolts left handed thread?

    This may be one of those scenarios "don't fix it if it ain't broke" before I do more "serious" damage.
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    Cam pulley bolts left handed thread?

    I think 3/4" drive impact may do the trick, but I don't have access to one right now. I was only going to replace the cam seals since I'm doing to cam belt but they don't leak. Even a cloth pipe wrench bent the edges of the driver's side cam pulley and I tapped the edge back with a brass punch.
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    Cam pulley bolts left handed thread?

    Wow, well I already tried the method above that was successful for you with no luck. This is the only the second bolt I've seen that the IR impact wont break and the first was the control arm bolt 6 years ago I had to torch off because it was corroded from salt.
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    Cam pulley bolts left handed thread?

    Thanks Glovermann, very helpful!
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    Cam pulley bolts left handed thread?

    I can't seem to get them to break loose. Are they left handed thread (like the drive belt tensioner pulley) and need to be turned clockwise to break loose?
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    Do You Track Your SC400? Post your video's. Road Racing or Drag!!!

    I like em', u didn't even slow down on the next corner after that lotus wipe out! Is it just the video or does the 92 sound better than the 98? Just curious I've read on clublex once when someone upgraded and didn't like the sound as much.
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    New V12 Daily Driver (Ferrari 550 Maranello)

    One vote for vids with exhaust sound and aggressive acceleration when you get it back.
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    New V12 Daily Driver (Ferrari 550 Maranello)

    "the practical side won out" haha, relatively right?
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    New V12 Daily Driver (Ferrari 550 Maranello)

    Awesome car, they say front engined v12 Ferrari's are the best. Did you mull over the 360 Modena as well? Identical acceleration and much less weight, but "look at me" styling.
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    N/A Recomendations

    Since you want n/a and some suggest the new Coyote engine, I figured in addition I'd mention the old (01'ish era, S62) M5 5.0 v-8 with double VANOS, itb's, etc. 400hp 369ft/lbs stock. They and are on ebay time to time with ecu/harness (sometimes with 6 speed) for a reasonable cost or
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    5.2L Stroker

    I'm surprised they let you exchange, can you ask for different sizes (and what increments) or guess on different vehicles?