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    1UZ for my Superlite Coupe SLC

    Very nice car. For the harness and ECU, I would go for the MS3-Pro with no MS3-Pro harness included, but including the MS3-Pro ECU connectors (2) and pins, and see if you can cut off the original Lexus ECU connector, then mate the MS3-Pro ECU connectors to that harness. On my project, I plan...
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    1972 400z

    Sounds like a really fun project. 240Z's were my first favorite car.
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    WTB: 1UZFE Parts

    Sorry to take to long to get back to you. I am not 100% certain the 92 and 93 harness is the same. I took some photos in case you are interested. I'd be willing to sell it for $70 + shipping costs.
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    WTB: 1UZFE Parts

    I might have a '92 SC400 engine harness. I should know for sure later today
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    Aem ems 30-1100

    One more update: On second thought, it's probably bad karma to end the eBay auction early. I will just let it go on and let the highest bidder win (who knows, it may go for less than $600). John is right that this is not for beginners. Ideally you need an experienced tuner, and I believe...
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    Aem ems 30-1100

    I have an AEM EMS (series 1) that was used in my Supra with the 2JZGTE motor. These have been adapted by other members here to work with the 1UZ motor. I no longer have a use for it, so I would like to sell it. I currently have it on e-bay (290932687258). I'd be willing to end that auction...
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    Supercharged Supra

    You are not the only one who want to see their project finally done. I am happy to say I am in the same boat. After being in hiatus for 5 years, my project is also active again. My goal is to have it running and driving by the end of the year. Who knows, maybe we should have a meet and greet...
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    1uz-fe 'clutch judder'

    How are the condition of the engine and transmission mounts?
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    1UZ-T MK4 Supra

    I assume no air conditioning for this car?
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    Building my transmission adapter

    Very nice! What transmission will you be using?
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    ARP part no for head studs

    Does the same p/n work for 2UZ and 3UZ?
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    2uzfe twin turbo

    How high were you revving the engine? Where did you get your cams? Also, did you change your intake manifold to something custom? Sorry, these questions don't really help you situation; I am just very interested in your build.
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    2uzfe twin turbo

    That's really strange to see a bent valve from a misfire. I wonder if somehow the timing belt is stretching or the connecting rod has an issue. What pistons and rods did you go with? Was the block decked or the heads milled, which would reduce the clearance between the valves? What...
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    Sorry, my project is not finished

    Sorry, my project is not finished
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    1UZ built motor

    Just wondering, is that Accufab 85mm throttle-body a direct bolt-on, or does it require an adapter? Are you using drive-by-wire, or a traditional throttle cable? Thanks...