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    Hey mate, my Facebook page is ARTEC performance parts

    Hey mate, my Facebook page is ARTEC performance parts
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    Full Billet 1UZ intake manifold

    I should also add the engine will be 10.1 comp and may also get a gtx42 on about 10 psi down the track.
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    Full Billet 1UZ intake manifold

    This particular set of intakes is going on a na 4.6L I'm doing. So I wanted to keep the runner a bit longer. It has bonnet clearance issues so thats why them plenums tops are slightly sunk. On other cars the bell mouths would be flush. The next set will be flow benched against a stock intake...
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    Full Billet 1UZ intake manifold

    Just making sure everyone knows these are designed to work with me cnc ported heads. The top have will be for stock lower, then upgrade lower.
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    Full Billet 1UZ intake manifold

    No flow bench yet as the first set are going in a car with low bonnet clearance. The next set I'll flow. These have taken 18 months to get them to this stage, so the next set I'll flow against a stock plenum. As for price, with super cool billet fuel rails and tbs. 6k AUD. The matching heads...
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    Full Billet 1UZ intake manifold

    Hi guys I'll post up more pics direct later. but in the mean time check them out on here Cheers Ben
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    selling kdogs tiptronic kits

    Hey mate how do they work and get installed?
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    '72 RA21 Coupe, 1uzfe and Single Turbo

    When do you thinkyou will have it on the dyno again?
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    Supercharged 1UZ Bangkok Drag Truck

    When are you back out again?
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    1uz oil pumps and forced induction

    I can supply upgraded oil pumps if you need, just send me over a pm. The have upgraded gears and supply greater flow and pressure.
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    5.2L Stroker

    Great news, can't wait to see the results.
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    CNC 1uz heads.

    $3600 is the cost for bare heads. it doesn't matter what port job you get. There is a customer who has a set on a JZA80 Supra plus he has some 270/280deg cams in it also. But he's running the stock intake for now as he might go supercharger. but i'll post up the results either way. I'll be...
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    CNC 1uz heads.

    They are available. stock valve diameter, 2mm os and 3.5mm os The CC's are also done Full Billet intake is on its way also.Its designed for the ported heads.
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    high revving 1uzfe?

    should also add if you do that you could throw in some rods bolts and rev to about 8250rpm. after that the stock oil pump becomes and issue
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    high revving 1uzfe?

    run a stand alone, change cams, port heads and change inlet it you want to make efficient power over 6000rpm