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    Do you guys have Sea foam there? If so use 1/3rd in the engine oil and 1/3rd in the intake. It might take a few times to clean it out and you will not have the problems that you might get with using Diesel. The other trick you can do but it is a little more aggressive is 1/2 quart of automatic...
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    W58 plus more.

    I am selling my W58 and 1 piece drive shaft and tranny mount out of my 1990 Supra. There is nothing wrong with it and it currently has Royal Purple in it. If there are any questions please ask. Also it will not have the bell housing on it. I am asking $550 for it all.
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    Front sump and cams for 1uz uk

    The front sump is on a LS400 and I have one available for you and I am willing to trade you for the rear sump
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    Can I Swap an SC400 longblock for an LS400 longblock?

    Both the blocks are the same just the internals are different by some years.
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    Welding for 4Runner Swap Questions

    MIG would be you best bet and try to get one that can use gas, not the kind you put in your car but a inert gas that is used for sheilding. You can get flux cored air for you MIG welder but you will be doing alot of cleanup. It is my suggestion that when you do the motor mounts have somebody...
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    Looking to trade Front Sump for Rear

    I have a front sump but the metal sump portion is a little bent, let me know what you want to do
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    Project X - 1uz Supra #2

    What paint did you use for your parts?
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    Project X - 1uz Supra #2

    Now I see what you have been up to. Well when you get it done do an audio clip with the new set up so I can hear what mine might sound like.
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    1990 Supra Fuel Tank and Lines/WALBRO Pump

    Update Here is an update on the fuel tank it is out of the car and is cleaned. It came out of a california car.
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    1990 Supra Fuel Tank and Lines/WALBRO Pump

    NAME:Alan LOCATION:Gulfport, Mississippi EMAIL: [email protected] PAYMENT PREFERENCE: paypal ------------------------------------------------------------------ PRICE:$100 plus shipping(Fuel Tank & Lines) $60 For fuel pump plus shipping ITEM:Stock fuel tank and all lines out of...
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    Billet Screw Blower

    I want one:eek::D
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    1UZ into MA70 Supra with W58 Manual Conversion

    I agree with 4U2QUIK I have his produts on my 1990 supra and they are awsome.
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    1uz Partout TONS OF cheap parts!

    Let me help you out do you have any pics of the items you are trying to sell because I might be interested in the starter and the powersteering pump.
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    What have you owned up until your UZ "Beast"?

    1964 Chevelle elcamino 1962 Chevy pickup 1969 chevy pickup 1974 Oldsmobile Cutlass supreme 1990 Dodge Omni 1991 Nissan Hard Body 1988 Toyota Pickup 1984 Toyota 4Runner 1993 Toyota Camry 1993 Toyota 4Runner 1993 Saturn SL2 1996 Dodge Durango 2001 Toyota Tacoma S-Runner 1987 Toyota...