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    Fugly2 's 1UZ

    That's a mean engine right there. Looks super tidy with that intake system configuration. Sounds tough.
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    1uz vvti rpm max rpm standard internals

    I rev my 1UZ until the cams stop making power. :) You don't have anything to worry about unless you are boosting or running the laughing gas (or your A/F ratio isn't tuned very good). Use synthetic oil of course. I've beat on a lot of Toyota engines and have never seen one damaged from over-revving.
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    BMW V12 Project

    Everything looks spot on and nearly ready to rock. I can't wait to see the footage of that baby purring. :D
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    Sluggish performance.

    We have members here using stock ECU and adding on fuel controllers / AIC piggyback style to their turbo 1UZ's. Check around. Going that route is very reliable as they drive them every day and they are fast. It just consumes a whole lot of your life tuning an aftermarket ECU properly. You don't...
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    Sluggish performance.

    I used Adaptronic and still love it. :) A tad more $ than the Mega but much easier and faster to hookup and drive. I used mine as a daily driver for a long time. My heads are heavily ported so I basically had to run the new ecu. Stock computers also run great and provide the best tune in all...
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    yet another wiring question.. please help

    Make it along any further with this wiring project?
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    1UZFE Flywheel

    $500 + shipping... oh my the shipping! LOL
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    1UZFE Flywheel

    Save you the pain. Look for info on using the older Toyota truck V6 flywheels and mate with a hydraulic throwout bearing. Don't mess around with anything fancy or you'll be waiting a year (and possibly never getting anything after waiting that long for someone to do something) and paying 10x...
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    1UZ into my Off-Road Long Travel Tacoma

    Hey guys thanks for the recent comments. I've been playing around with too many projects this past year. People are dumping cars that they can't fix for really cheap so I picked up a NICE Audi Quattro 6spd and a perfect (and fast) running 2001 Honda Prelude that just has a bent up fender. I need...
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    bugg**!!!!!! timing belt instructions in tutorial section WRONG!

    Timing belts on these things are really easy. Forget about the markings on the belt! Just count the teeth on the darn thing and see if the new one matches up with the previous one. Then use the cam gear marks and TDC mark on crank pulley. Make sure belt is tight on the right (facing towards the...
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    95 Pickup Race Truck 1uz swap

    Hmmm about 30% of it. There were a few more wires I could have consolidated but I didn't have the time to spare while down there working on this ride. I had to travel back home and get back to the holiday hoopla with family and stuff. The wiring is pretty darn clean as it is though! This truck...
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    What are you putting your 1UZ into?

    What are you putting your 1UZ into?
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    95 Pickup Race Truck 1uz swap

    Just an update. I was able to lend a hand to get this thing fired. I ran relays to the starter and main engine power then basically spliced the wires to the 40/40/40 loom to get the engine running. Once I tested voltage to the TPS plug I knew it was good to go at that point. This was my first...
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    TT 1UZ powered FC RX7

    Any updates to report?
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    1UZ into my Off-Road Long Travel Tacoma

    Just an update. I've been using the truck for a daily driver for a while now. Everything runs great. I'll be meeting a whole bunch of friends at the Pismo Dunes Friday for the afternoon so I need to check things over tomorrow and get ready. I have plans for more suspension upgrades and the new...