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    sluggish pickup once up to runing temp

    The 9th injector It`s possible you are just noticing the ninth injector at cold temps. There is a ninth injector which only comes on when the vehicle is cold to assist with idle I guess. But mine seems responsive everywhere, extractors,splitfire plugs and a unichip will do this!!! then it hurts...
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    Soarer Unichip

    I`m sure it`s on here somewhere, but anyway I`ve bought a Unichip and It`s getting fitted soon. Just wondering if I should get rid of the awful valve ticking noise with new shims, before I get it dynoed and tuned? The car seems to run sweet but the ticking is really get to me and I`m not...
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    Spark plugs Again?

    What the hell! I lashed out and bought $180 worth of splitfires. Maybe they`ll make a difference lol, maybe not...... The v8 revs with **** plugs, better spark better burn, more power?