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    A few Noob questions, if you don't mind?

    I can help with the supercharger thing, shouldn't cost more than 5-600 quid tbh. My last one cost me about 250 quid in ally and machining work.
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    A few Noob questions, if you don't mind?

    Stock ecu can cope with 315cc 7mge green injectors, and about 7 psi of boost easily enough. Using a rising rate FPR to deal with fuel flow needs on boost. Although a cheap piggy back would be easier. You can get to 400bhp without an MLS, so unless your engine is worn leave the standard one...
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    mazda gearbox?

    The kits over here are 1000 WITH the BMW gearbox supplied. Everything ready to go for that price.
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    mazda gearbox?

    the bmw 328 gearbox is almost as good as the M3 and can cope with 600 bhp easily. Plus they can be had for 100 quid a go from an scrap yard. There are a couple companies in the Uk that do the Bm-UZ adapter kit.
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    Daughterboard fitted standard ecus ( fuel and ign mappable)

    hi guys. I'm currently in the process of having the standard 1UZ ecus ( sc400 and ls400) engineered to take a daughterboard that allows you to freely map your own fuel and ignition. Whilst still retaining all the functions of the standard ecu and being plug and play, no other hardware needed...
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    supercharger install help

    ffs you dont need another thread
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    Stripping and simplifying

    all that is gone, i was more wondring about superflous stuff in the egine bay and pn the engine itself
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    Stripping and simplifying

    Im stripping my car to lose weight and increase performance. I was just wondering what i can lose from the engine bay ? over here we dont need to worry about emmisions regs etc the car doesnt have EGR so i dont need to worry about that, im removing all ancillaries apart from the...
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    1UZFE Twin Turbo Kit with VNT Garrett turbos

    was sold a while ago unfortunately, was dying to fit this :( managed to replace some of my tools with the money but still need loads
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    Any supercharger manifold cnc files out there?

    im buying an m112 manifold from lp1 when i go back to work, i could get the faro arm to take all the points on it needed to machine it, but im telling you its going to be FAAAAAAR more expensive than buying one already done
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    Apexi SAFC

    well i sold the mk1 safc and bought the safc2. does anyone have the wiring diagram to install into a 91 uzz31 ? cheers
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    Apexi SAFC

    yeah i suppose lol, i wanted to use the SAFC 2 as itsmore advanced, and cheap enough at 100 GBP, but if i have this i might just give it a go !
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    Apexi SAFC

    ive got the MK1 SAFC lying around and was wondering if anyone used one on their 1uzfe and got any gains ? cheers :)
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    about to buy ecu...couple of things..

    Zen have a look at the typhoon ecu, massive amounts of functions for very little outlay ;)
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    1uz-z33 and nissan KA DXF

    Ive got the dxf file for the 1uz-z33 and nissan KA box adapter plate ( dual drilled adapter ) If you would like a copy its 30 gbp as a gift and it will be emailed within 24 hours :cool: