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    Misfire at crusing speed

    I have a misfire at cruising speed. It idles fine and pulls great on acceleration. But it misfires cruising at 40, 50 or 60mph. It has new plugs, HT wires, coils. I checked the igniters and they seem to be fine. I have checked the cam position sensors and they are within spec as well as the...
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    MAF to Throttle Body

    Anyone know the measurement stock MAF position to the throttle body? I want to change mine, which is about 12 inches, closer to the factory distance. Thanks for your help.
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    UZ-FE Vapor Lock

    update New fuel pump in, cleared to computer. Engine started right up ran 2-3 minutes and died, same symptoms. Clear computer starts, runs 2-3 min and dies. It must be a sensor. Now the question is which one.
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    UZ-FE Vapor Lock

    I have a1UZ in a hot rod. it has been runnign and driving great. This morning start it up running fine start to drive and engine dies. Turns over wants to start, and dies. Clearly a fuel problem I seems like a vapor lock. fuel tank has a clear vent, fuel filter is clean and clear. initially no...
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    Anyone got p/s specs

    Pressure Do not know the flow rate, but the pressure is 1067 to 1138 psi.
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    EGR Delete

    Will not installing the resistor in the connector with the EGR delete cause the ECU to go to limp mode?
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    1Uzfe Engine won't start

    Finally got around to trying to start my project. Wiring is good, done by Dr Tweek, timing is right on, has spark, but wont fire. Cold start injector flooded the motor so I unplugged that. Turns over, but wont start. Any help or direction would be greatly appriciated. Thanks in advance.
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    1Uzfe Engine

    Is the 1UZFE an interference motor?
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    Knock Sensor

    Looking for a Knock Sensor for a 91 1UZ.