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    Head gasket re-use

    Does anyone know OEM number of stock 1uz vvti metal head gasket ?
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    Head gasket re-use

    Thanks for answer!
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    Header Flange Drawings available for download!

    can't download. anyone can help? need simple picture with metric sizes. pdf or jpg.
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    1uz vvti into a Volga

    exhaust sounds like cammed %) and more loud then previous. Try to go wot at 100+mph, withs gauge attached, pressure may be good at low speed, and slowly go down when doing wot at hight speed. It's just don't look like you use all hp in this video.
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    Head gasket re-use

    Hello! As i know, 1uz vvti has metal head gasket, dose anyone use it 2-3 times? I am asking this because here in russia set of 1uz gaskets now cost about half price of a motor and cause i have experience of using multiple times metal head gasket on some other cars. So the question is will it be...
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    Any sense behind using cutouts?

    I think H pipe is best choice for retro car, cause it's sound raw and brutal :) while Y or X more like gentle smooth tone, it make no sense of v8 for me :/