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    SC400 shell

    does it have the harness to the dash i need one for my swap
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    uneeded vacuum

    i found everything i needed in the EGR removal kit
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    uneeded vacuum

    i can't find any info on removing all the uneeded vacuum parts if some one could supply some info it would be greatly appreciated
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    FS: Parting out a 92 SC400 Motor

    . both, also need right side manifold
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    FS: Parting out a 92 SC400 Motor

    oil pan ,thermostat neck? to 75062
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    Shelby GT500

    we have 2 at the ford dealership i work at right now
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    new guy

    hey everyone im new here ive been reading off this site forever now i finally got a project in gear the plan is to undergo a 1uz transplant into an AE86 i look forward to gaining as much as i can from here