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    Lambda & airtemp

    Louis I assume you have the Spitronics ECU, you will see a Mother of a huge improvement by installing Lambda and Air Temp sensors, Take it to someone to Properly tune it on a Dyno ask the Spitronics (if you have a Spit email [email protected]) to recommend a tuner, not every tuner out there...
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    1uzfe into 1995 Isuzu Kb260

    Ja ek het n M75 met Disks op my escort met die 1UZFE series 1 motor,
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    VVti Rx7

    Really nice! What Gearbox is being used here if i may ask? Regards @ndy
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    I am in SA and i run the Spitronics Venus SPLC v2.4 ecu on my 1UZFE, its an excellent system, easy to install easy to wire and easy to tune, its a local system here in SA only retails here but i am sure they can help you get it in the UK. There after sales service is great, i had a problem...
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    1UZ-FE into 1975 MK2 Escort

    Used a Uni Joint to clear and the rack is not offset there is no bump steer, The Lexus auto gearbox really sucks in my opinion, i am swapping to a Mazda R series 5 speed manual gearbox that comes from a Twin Turbo RX7.
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    Spitronic ECU & 1uz Kit

    Hey Ian I have the new Venus ecu for my Lexus 1UZ haven't started my engine yet, just completed the Wiring and i still need to buy the Venus usb Laptop cable. I have on Question though, do we need to do Rotor fazing with the 2 Dizzy's on the 1UZ the manual is not clear on Dual Dizzy's...
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    Which is shortest 1uz oil filter housing to suit hilux conversion?

    In SA we have a GUD Z551 Filter with the same spec as the 1UZ filter same seal size and thread but its 67mm high instead of 100mm. Its the same filter that the 107kw 2007 Volvo C30 2.0 uses
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    UZFE into a Ford

    Sounds good, sorry to hear about running the conrond, i am almost done with mine, still need to buy a new dizzy rotor as my rightbank one is cracked and i need to buy new boughi cords the no 8 one on mines pin came out and i need a thermostat housing as well. Good luck with the rest of you...
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    1UZ-FE into 1975 MK2 Escort

    Just a couple of updates, the new Tunnel is in the radiator is mounted and i am busy with the wiring. I have chosen the Spitronics Venus SPLC ecu and it comes with a premade harnass but there is still lot of other wiring like the Fuel pump, relays, power for Injectors and Coils etc to be...
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    1UZ-FE into 1975 MK2 Escort

    Just a little Update. The radiator is in place and the transmition is in and mounted with the crossmember i made. Now i have to fabricate a new tunnel.
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    1UZ-FE into 1975 MK2 Escort

    Hi Mark The motors have been on a scale, on my 1uz i am only running the alternator nothing else and the motors was weighed without the torque convertor, this is not a race car this is an every day car, i am not planing on going down the drag strip anytime soon the 302ci weight i got from the...
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    1UZ-FE into 1975 MK2 Escort

    Hi Samsdad Why would you say that? the lexus motor (352 pounds) is not much heavier than the 1600 kent (320 pounds) with twin sideraughts? My buddy has a Mk2 with a 302ci ford motor (500 pounds) in it and it sits where myne sits and it handels fine. Another Popular conversion here in SA is to...
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    1UZ-FE into 1975 MK2 Escort

    Thanks All As promised here are some progress updated pics. The old crossmember had the posts where the kent engine mounts to, that was removed and then boxed up to give a bit of exstra strength, The new engine mounting are chassis mounted and they are cross drilled from the front and...
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    1UZ-FE into 1975 MK2 Escort

    Yes there is room, i am using a 3 Core radiator from a 260E Merc. Its going to sit below the slam tray, i will take some updated Photos this afternoon, i go allot of work done this weekend, there was no time for Pics but i will take some today.
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    UZFE into a Ford

    Hi Jan How is this going ? I am doing a 1UZ into a mk2 escort, not that difficult the space is tight but it fits nicely into the engine bay with minimal mods, what managment where you planing on using? I am using the Spitronics lexus kit and it looks easy enough. Regards @ndy