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    1UZFE in a TA23/28 Celica

    You can pretty much disregard everything said by Anodyne above! Most of what he has said only applies to later model (>'80) Celica/Supras. Im doing it in a RA28... be prepared for a lot of work! Although i am trying to do it "properly", so ill never have to worry about breaking parts from the...
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    73 hilux

    Its a RN2x correct? It has the much wanted G series rear diff for 70's Celica conversions. If you ever sell/junk it, make sure you keep the diff, someone will pay decent $$s for it.
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    FI intake question for you guys.

    It is, its just you are not seeing it... you are measuring boost in the inlet manifold which is controlled by the throttle body. Measure pressure between the SC and the TB to see what the SC is really doing.
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    Disappearing race tracks

    RallySA (an Australian rally championship round) doesnt normally get any same-weekend newspaper or TV coverage. There is a major accident in the rally (front torn off a WRX), and suddenly its 2nd page news in the major newspaper here with mentions of police investigations, etc. Sigh :( Adelaide...
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    M10x1.25 x 35mm Flywheel bolt source?

    I did my 3RZ bolts up to 50Nm.... may not have been a good idea. I think they are TTY, and i felt them start to stretch getting near 50Nm. Makes me feel a little nervous about using them now :( Might find some 12.9's like Ed used.
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    Another V8 supra

    Youre in Adelaide as well, awesome. Ill be looking out for you at track days, etc.
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    My R154 solution

    Yup, it all fits perfectly. Input shaft sits correctly in the spigot bearing, and the clutch release bearing clearance is correct at 3mm. Both the bell->gearbox and gearbox->tilton adapters are 32mm.
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    My R154 solution

    #1 #2 #3
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    w58/1uz details

    Spigot bearing is common, part number 6201. See here for a U1->W58 adapter plate cad design: As for the rest, youll have to find out whats available locally. It wont be a bolt up job, youll end up needing to get custom work done.
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    1uzfe into '84 Starlet

    Absolutely completely insane. Keep us up to date with the build... lots of photos please :)
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    M10x1.25 x 35mm Flywheel bolt source?

    Ive just bought some 3RZ bolts for my alloy flywheel. On the thread of the bolt there is an orange compound... i gather its a locking compound of some sort? Any prep needed (oil on the thread, etc) ?
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    Flex Plate Perth

    You on Toymods Cobber? If so, ask CLG. He is in Perth and would probably have one. His email (i think): limeglaze at
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    Yup, i dont "tweet" much though.
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    My R154 solution

    No, i wont be making a kit, or anymore of these. Its been a real pain to make up, and i dont have the time :( The flywheel (from Alloy Race Components): The clutch is a 5 puck ceramic Hilux unit from these guys: (they make chromo 1UZ flywheels too)
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    Twin-Turbo V8 6-Speed SC: UZZ-TT

    What camera are you taking these photos with? You need to ease off on the contrast, cant see 1/2 the photos as they are too dark.