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    LuxuryMods v2o party in Long Beach!!! 11/12/05 is going to be hosting a party at v2o in Long Beach ( on Saturday 11-12-05 from 10:00pm - 1:30am. We will be showcasing 8-10 cars to be in FRONT of the club. We are working very closely with the owner of the club as well as (promoter) so make...
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    3,000 Members Strong......

    We've reached another milestone! Congrats all Lextremers!
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    Jealous, Desperate & Insecure

    Those are some really harsh and inaccurate words spoken by Todd. I've known David for some time now and he's been a great friend to me since the very beginning. He has been a mentor to me since i've been in this business. He has by far the MOST knowledge of the 1uz engine than anyone i've...
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    sc400 97+ front bumper HELP!!
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    Mercedes Style Blinkers

    What year SC do you have? Are you referring to the tail lights or the bulbs?
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    Mercedes Style Blinkers

    What you guys think about these? :feedback:
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    !~!~! End Of Summer Blow Out Special !~!~!

    We at have lost our marbles!!! We are now offering our first end of summer special / introductory price 2 for all LEXTREME members. These prices are only for a limited time and while supplies last so hurry up and get on our website and let the buying war begin. NOTE : NOT...
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    !~!~! LuxuryMods EXCLUSIVE Items For Sale PART 1 !~!~!

    The emblems on special are copied emblems. We also carry OEM ones, but they are not on special. Our strut bars are adjustable. They come with bolted end braces so you can adjust them to fit perfectly onto your vehicle.
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    !~!~! LuxuryMods EXCLUSIVE Items For Sale PART 1 !~!~!

    Last few days for the special! Make sure you get in on the great prices!!! We'll have a new sale coming up on the 1st of September so stay tuned!!!!!
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    Sema 2005

    I'll be there! Probably without my car though.
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    LAX Meet

    David, count me in! I'll try to bring a couple more cars to show up that day also.
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    !~!~! LuxuryMods EXCLUSIVE Items For Sale PART 1 !~!~!

    Be sure to get in on this special. It ends at the end of this month 8/30/05
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    Admiration Eyelids/Eyebrows

    We have them on special right now:
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    Admiration Eyelids/Eyebrows

    Some new pictures taken:
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    !~!~! LuxuryMods EXCLUSIVE Items For Sale PART 1 !~!~!

    You guys have asked for it and we have listened! Please see below for our SPECIAL Pictures to follow shortly! to order, or please email us at [email protected] 2nd price is the SPECIAL price (what YOU pay) First price is the retail Lexus IS300 IS300 JDM STYLE...