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    injector seal kit

    yes, or you may find them on amazon or ebay
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    1UZ into MB 190E

    re fitting goodies into MBs here are some ideas to ponder;
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    Long shot, but B/W / Tremec T5 question?????

    kinda an aside and off topic, but back in the ice age I had a Rover V8 bent into a Austin H - fantastic wow, what a car and eye (ear) turner
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    Problems With Exhaust Size

    hehe, or engine/boats a related question, with my 4 pipes, 2 pipes each side/bank I paired the following cylinders into 1 pipe the cylinder that fires first + the penultimate firing cylinder and the cylinder that fires as number 2 + the cylinder that fires last does that sound about right?
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    Problems With Exhaust Size

    thats a personality defect of mine, opting for overkill solutions yep, eagerly awaiting Mr Cribb
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    1uzfe knocking

    sure does, looks like a pretty good kit that - and hopefully thoroughly tested
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    Problems With Exhaust Size

    I take it that this means that you lose the pump/suction effect in the pipes if they are too large. I have 4 pipes (2 cylinders/pipe) start with a small piece of 2 inch then 2.5 inch then finally 3 inch. Do you have to maintain the "smaller size" all the way to the end in order not to loose...
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    1uzfe knocking

    no, I am afraid not they are handmade by a gasket maker shop in Bangkok
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    1uzfe knocking

    interesting, I am paying about 40 australien for 2 cylinder head gaskets
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    Ideas/tips for newbie

    trust you but improving fuel injection and ignition - maybe slightly increase compression ratio - at least polishing air intake as much you can how much could you get out of that?
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    Where are you located?

    Hoe gaan dit u would need a 1uz to climb table mountain
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    Thoughts on this Manifold design?

    wow, I like that one,
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    1uz fan idler bracket failure

    right, my man at yeomans in brighton is Bob Ellis, he is the spare part manager very very helpful
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    Speed sensor #1 issue mystery

    if your electro mechanic sorts it out please be so kind as to come back here and explain problem/solution
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    1uz fan idler bracket failure

    by all means do, was not suggesting that you divert your order just informing you that there are OK Toyota dealers on the foggy islands btw, I also purchase from gloverman, works fine