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    Waterbridge adjustment for supercharger

    Modified Water bridge "As low as possible" is limited by the intake runners, the supercharger mounting flange has sit on top of the runners. For the M112, you only need to cut out about 3/4" out of the back of the water bridge to bring the supercharger forward about 3/4" to align the pulleys...
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    M112 Lessons Learned

    Stock Throttle Body and Computer The stock throttle body is adequate but limits the air. Pain in the butt to plumb the water lines with the M112. The stock Ford throttle body provides more than enough air and fits nicely in the SC configuration, and no water lines to plumb! The M112 with the...
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    M112 Lessons Learned

    Injector Size The 315cc seems to be about the right size for moderate boost. BlackUZZ31 reported having just enough fuel with stock injectors. I’d stick with a stock injector if you plan to run the cold start injector. The 93 was really gummed up after about a year of use, the 95 is rich but okay.
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    M112 Lessons Learned

    Suspension The stock suspension is way too soft for the supercharger power. The rear bushings flex with the power and the rear end torque steers down the road. We installed Prothane bushings all round on the 93 SC400 and it is perfect. I’ll document when I do the 95, we installed grease...
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    M112 Lessons Learned

    Traction Control If you are going to play, you’ll need to turn off the traction control. Or better yet find a LSD. By the way the big boy Supra one bolts right in. The adapter for our solid driveshaft supplied by Driftmotion accommodates the regular flange and the larger Supra flange as...
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    M112 Lessons Learned

    The Clutch If you are running a manual transmission, you’ll need a serious clutch to handle the torque. We just upgraded the clutch (again) to the ACT heavy duty on a modified 3SGTE flywheel. Xcessive Engineering modifies the flywheel for $96, the fit is perfect. We just put more power to the...
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    M112 Lessons Learned

    Update I was having trouble uploading pictures to finish my post, seems to be working now. We just upgraded the 93 with MegaSquirt and the Ford throttle body, it works unbelievably good. I was so smooth, we weren't sure if it was boosting properly (it was). Money is always the issue, so using...
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    M112 Lessons Learned

    I thought I would provide an update as we have been running M112s on a 93 SC400 with, 315cc injectors, R-154, upgraded suspension, clutch, LSD, S&S short headers, and on a 95 SC400, W-58, 315cc injectors, uprated clutch, LMF long headers. Both with a 3” pulley and stock throttle body. The...
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    Mr2 Use a clutch for a MR2 turbo. Same input spline as a W58. A 4runner truck clutch will not be pleasing. Can't remember where we got the pilot bearing, probably in a 2JZ kit, it is common.
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    Any one know anything about the first Whipple superchargers built by Sprintex

    Opcon Google Opcon Autorotor, they are the early Whipples. You looking for one? They seem to be very well built. This one is for a 454 Chev, it's super clean, the rotors are perfect. I got it from a neighbour who was going to put it on his truck, but sold the truck before install.
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    best stand alone for 1uzfe with headers and OBX ITBs

    Ms 1uz Steve, I searched msextra and couldn't find your writeup. Do you have a link?
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    Wtb: 1994 ls400 ecu

    I have a 3 x 40p from a 93 SC, 89661-24230 you can for $50 + shipping
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    M112 Celsior

    No Boost I think you are expecting too much out of the supercharger, it takes time to build boost. The engine needs 2 litres of air every revolution, so at 6000 rpm it needs 12,000 litres of air per minute. The supercharger compresses that air from a catch up position as it is not engaged...
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    belt slip

    Pulley Bracket I fabricated it out of 3/8" plate aluminum using existing engine bolt hole locations to secure it. Pulleys are timing belt idler pulleys, the only thing I could find that would be small enough to work in that location, works great. Center pulley is located at the original idler...
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    belt slip

    6 Rib Belt slip I'm not getting any slip on my 6 rib, but I designed the idler pulley setup for max rap on the M112 drive pulley.