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    SC400/Soarer build for drift

    got more info on the car? Itll be good to see some more toyotas out there... Ive been around too many nissans and drift corp members lately Are you a current drifter or just starting? Logan
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    AE85 Trueno swap

    Is this the one getting built up for import x? Its good to see someone say theyll do something and then get stuck into it, has this been you working on it full time? Cant wait to see more Logan
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    Extractors for a MKIII V8

    chassis is the same so everything should be sweet Logan
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    1UZ-FE Build. Comments Please

    Hes a member on here... Or someone involved in the build is... If you search it should bring it up for you Logan
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    things to do (or not) with that spare 1uz

    First things first... Wheres the action shots? :p Burnout comp maybe? Logan
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    Big Block

    Im absolutely sure theres a company in the states making an engine of small block dimensions and displacing over 450ci Now thats a small block... Logan
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    Lex your a champion!!

    Very tidy set up Is that a water to air barrel intercooler? Would love to see more and hear more about this, as im sure a lot of others would Logan
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    1UZFE into Ford Sierra XR4x4

    Somebodys building a 4wd ta22? Logan
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    It's Here!

    wheres that drool bucket when you need it? Looking good Lex good luck with the rest of the job Logan
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    New kw figures for the GT8

    Nice to hear the progress that youve been making... Been wondering about how it was going for a little while, looking forward to how it progress's Logan
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    Big Block

    Did some aftermarket company not take a block ("of small block size") out to over 400ci? Logan
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    my aw11 mr2 project

    LOL... glad you joined v, I was just in the process of pm'ing you on toyspeed and posting up on here about your project BTW, im 92GTApex off toyspeed All I can say is again Toyspeed link... Logan
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    Anyone know anything about the 1GGTE?

    Just been given a link to pass on for the 1ggte... Logan
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    Datsun 1600 Roadster with 1uz

    Very rare and a lot of work, especially if there similar floor pan to a datsun 140/160 etc which im assuming they are I just did a clutch on my mates 160j violet...(btw, never again) theres hardly enough room for the standard bellhousing... Personally id find something else to use as a base as...
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    Anyone know anything about the 1GGTE?

    I wouldnt choose a 1g if those were my goals Although... you could try a search on some australian forums for a toyota celica (ra28???) with the plates morbst or something similar to that? Hes running a 1g and is in the low tens high nines iirc Logan