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    1UZ to R150 gearbox

    Is this still available? Are you willing to ship? I am assuming that this is what I would need to mate my 1991 V-6 5-speed to the 1UZFE/ Thanks Jerry
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    92 4runner 1UZFE / R150F Swap Project

    What parts are left Hi Just found your ad. What do you have left. I have a 1991 PU with a 5-speed that I would like to do the conversion on. I have the motor and the engine wiring harness. Is there anything you have for sale that would help me get my project going? Thanks Jerry
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    Location of 1991 LS400 ECU

    Hi My local pick-n-pull just got a 1991 or 1993 LS400. I wanted to grab some parts off of it including the ECU. Can someone please tell me where it is located? My engine came to me on a pallet and I have no knowledge of the actual components in the car. I tried search and did not find what I...
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    1UZFE motor.

    About two years ago I bought a 1UZFE motor for a swap similar to what Cebby was doing. I never got around to it and considering the current state of things I probably never will. I am willing to part with the motor for a reasonable amount. I don't know much about it and it is still shrink...
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    Looking for Toyota Emblem

    This may be a noob question, but I want to replace the Lexus emblem on my 1UZFE with a Toyota one. I see them on many engine pictures on the site. How is it done and does anyone have what I need to buy for sale? I just got my motor the other day and it is still shrink wrapped for protection...
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    1uz blow out sale, everything $50 bucks

    Hi I need a water inlet/outlet. The motor I purchased for a future swap has a broken one. I have circled it in the attached picture. Thanks Jerry
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    FS: Parting out a couple of 1UZ motors

    Hi I just purchased a motor for a future swap and it has a broken water inlet/outlet. I need the one that is closest to the intake manifold. I am assuming that it bolts on as I don't have my motor yet. Its sitting on a dock all alone this Xmas.
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    Flywheel & Clutch for R150/R154

    Hi Where did you get an adapter plate to mate a r154 to the 1UZFE? Thx
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    Flywheel & Clutch for R150/R154

    I know you are a very busy person, but I was wondering about the bellhousings? Any ballpark timeframe? Thx
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    89 4WD ext. cab + 1UZ project

    Hi Any updates? I am in Buffalo NY 3 hours away and it is good to see someone close by doing this. I am itching to do one in my 91 x-cab and my 71 FJ40. Where did you find your motor, what came with it and if you don't mind... how much? I plan on assembling all the parts between now and...
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    Flywheel & Clutch for R150/R154

    Jerbear the Carebear Hey Zidaro You are correct sir! He was the 6'2 325# bald one that was always picking on the little blue F****RS!:smlove2: Later
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    Flywheel & Clutch for R150/R154

    Hi Zidaro How did you come by your 1UZ? Whats a good price, and what did you get and what did you pass on? I am looking and I want to have everything before I start. Thanks. I am following this thread because I would like to mate my 1UZ to the stock 5speed behind my 3vze. Thanks again Jerry
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    Flywheel & Clutch for R150/R154

    any news Bump. Me Too.
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    Flywheel & Clutch for R150/R154

    Hi Thanks for the reply. Put me on the list. When this is squared away I am interested. I will start saving my pennies now. Keep me updated. I will subscribe to this thread for future updates Thanks
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    Flywheel & Clutch for R150/R154

    Hi I may be showing my ignorance in asking this, but here goes anyway. I have a 1991 Toy 4x4 x-cab with the 3.0 and manual 5 speed. If I want to install a 1UZFE into my truck and keep my stock tranny and transfer case I need what? 1) This clutch/flywheel setup only 2) This set up...