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    Spitronic maps

    Fried TCU I fried my tcu by jumpstarting or it could be battery charger. I have now sent both ECU and TCU for repairs. I alse purchased a new harness set for both computers. I am sad to say that for the second time my harnes was faulty dry joints on the firs one it was the pin from the crank...
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    Spitronic maps

    Sudsy Spitronics Bob, It looks like I fried my TCU for the second time. Am sending it back to Spitronics for repair or replacement at my cost. Preveous cost R 450. Will update when it returns. Regards. Jan
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    Is this the correct starter relay

    I dont see any reply to your question even after a year has gone by. I hope your problem is solved. I use a universal 4 point relay with markings 30, 86, 85, 87. The method is to put continues power to pin 30, ignition to pin 86, ground to pin 85, and your starter wire to pin 87. You can use...
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    Spitronic maps

    Tcu spitronics. Checked my feeds to the tcu and its all working but the tcu is as dead as a doornail
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    Spitronic maps

    Tcu spitronics I moved the pickup for the RPM and speed to the forward sensor. I have to check my wiring as i lost my feed to the tcu but im confidant that a solution is on hand. Jan
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    Spitronic maps

    Sudsy on Spitronics Thankyou for the reply Im pulling the engine and will try to run it outside the car so i can fiddle with the connections on the gearbox.
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    Spitronic's forum

    Doriken Sputronics My problem is not with the mapping or the TCU I think i have a connection problem if one of the experts can give me a pointer i can solve this problem. my laptop connected to the TCU wil nit give me a connection. My RPM and speedo does not show on the screen my gearshift is...
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    Spitronic maps

    Spitronics Gentlemen, After reading and thinking about your threads on RPM @ 100 kmh and feul consumption per 100 km I have come to the conclution that your gearbox is stuck in third gear and not changing up into OD. If the RPM at 100 kmh is 2700 then your final drive is approx 37 km per 1000...
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    Spitronic maps

    Gentlemen, I have the 1UZFE into a Ford Sierra XR6 and using a Spitronicz ECU and TCU. Fuel consumption on the open road 400 km in 4 hours used 40 lit of fuel. RPM at 100 is 2200. I have had no joy with my gearbox TCU. I am changing the gears manually. Please i need help with the con ections on...
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    wiring diagram LS400 1999 (1UZ FE VVTi)

    Gentleman, I think our friend does not have the language so the lessons in manners are lost.
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    1 UZFE into 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee

    Venter you have your work cut out for you. The transmission wil need a TCU to operate it. If your speedo is electronic it should work. The diesel issue is nothing, drain the tank fil with fuel flush and drain refil and use the return line on your Lexus. I used a external fuel pump close to the...
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    1UZ-FE into 1975 MK2 Escort

    andy uzfe into a mk11 Andy its going well hey i remember when you started. Have you changed to a manual gearbox. I have the spitronics TCU but am stil trying to get it to shift auto.
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    UZFE into a Ford

    xr8tt, im on the wrong side of 70 so the video is bejond my capability if i get a few pointers who nows
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    LS400 wiring head ache.

    Dantheman85 Pinout for plug 28 pin 2 Y not important o2 sensor. Pin 3 grn o2 sensor not important. The only pins that is of consequense is pin 9 blk/org ignition switch.Pin 14 blk/yel ecu constant power. Pin 22 wht battery power switched. Pin 24 blk/ org Mrel EFI Relay turn it on
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    Automatic transmisson Stand Alone Cal file for PCS (car Lexus LS400 -91)

    Ismo67 I am interested to know how you wired the overdrive switch. If you could tel me what colour wire to use please.