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    rear sump setup for custom front sump. (4runner ifs)

    Hah sorry mate I sold it pending payment.
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    1UZ Flex plate with ring gear

    I got about 3 from memory in brisbane
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    rear sump setup

    Hey sorry haven't been on in a while. Got a rear sump setup now. I have 2front sumps and one centre sump.
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    rear sump setup

    I have front sump setup with custom lower pan with custom pickup to suit hilux/4runner ifs holds 10ltrs located brisbane australia
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    rear sump setup for custom front sump. (4runner ifs)

    trade custom front sump. (4runner ifs) for rear setup Looking for rear sump setup. I have a front sump with custom bowl that holds 10ltrs to suit hilux/4runner ifs suspension. Located brisbane australia.
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    WTB 1uz front sump

    I got a front sump to suit ifs hilux/4runner holds 10ltrs. Im looking for a rear sump setup
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    1UZ Hilux Air-Con setup

    How'd you go with a aftermarket and location of the condenser big_lux?
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    UZN130 Surf

    What throttle cable have you used?
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    Piston Rings

    For those of you wanting the 1.2mm rings. I used two sets of 1mzfe rings as they had the specs i was looking for. Have been running fine now for 60,000kms
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    Wanted: 1UZ block

    I have a block if you still need it. Im in brisbane. Pm me for details.
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    Wiring the LS400/celsior 1UZ ECU without the factory transmission?

    Sideshow you north Brisbane? Interested in testing a ecu for me? celsior.
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    Brisbane help required

    After someone preferably Brisbane based to test my ecu and ignites. They come from a celsior ucf 11 Ecu 175000 2973 (26p 16p 22p 26p) Igniter 131300 1231 (89621 12010) x2 Can pay postage no worries if out of Brisbane area. Need to know if they're working fine or I'll go haltec.
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    Brisbane event

    im just about to start my swap into the surf
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    wanted sc400 oil filter housing

    Based in Queensland, australia
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    86 4runner 1uz/r150f swap

    cheers dude for the extra info. im building the v8 as we speak. You know if ARP or anyone else makes oversize pistons for the 1uz? My bores are water marked so im thinking 20thou oversize but if i cant get them hopefully 40thou. Ive been intouch with bullet but they told me 12 weeks to make em.