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    Hey mate, any chance you still have that quarter master clutch foe the v160/1uz for sale?

    Hey mate, any chance you still have that quarter master clutch foe the v160/1uz for sale?
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    3UZ for 2UZ

    Ill trade you my low milage, very light 3UZ block for your heavy cast iron 2UZ block. I also have JE forged pistons availiable for the 3UZ, they can be sold cheap to the new owner. With skirt coating, rings and pins and argo rods if you like. Thanks, jo.
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    Let Me Know What You Think: 2UZ-FE With Mods? that seems to be the best i can find so far; they seemed to have flew this thing under the rador, it was in a couple of american mags though...not sure which ones however...
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    Let Me Know What You Think: 2UZ-FE With Mods?

    Gay-Lussac is the guy your thinking of, and to go even further we never get to deal with an ideal gas within our situations (well, never really). PV=nRT if you guys are really interested. mm yeah got me on the roots blower, wasnt thinking straight there, but for all intensive purposes the...
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    Let Me Know What You Think: 2UZ-FE With Mods?

    Hey guys, ive looked at compund boost setups for quite some time now and I thought i should explain some of the physics to you. The supercharger will not become a restriction in the setup, its quite a dynamic piece of machinery so it wont necessarily block air, and if it were, this means you...
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    I Beam Vs. H Beam

    It mostly comes down to the way the rod loads and unloads, an I beam rod will be stronger on the compression stroke, but if you maintain too heavy a piston/pin combo, excessive stress occurs around the bottom if the small end bushing. Conversely a H-section rod will be less resistant to the...
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    Hey mate, Im doing a 3UZ in aus, I cant say the juice has been worth the squeeze thus far. Its a great engine, the crank is made for revving, I can one hand the block around the shed but is it revolutionary? I dont think so, the only reasons to stick to a 3UZ is for the VVTi system and maybe...
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    I need new valves anyway, as 6 of them are either bent or broken due to a timing belt failure. the 6mm stemmed valves are a bit easier to find in the aftermarket but also they are 18% larger in the cross section, I can only imagine thats better for strength and creep strength, especially with a...
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    the 3UZ's are 5.5mm, are the valve guides interchangeable between the models? i.e. could I have a 3UZ head with 1UZ guides and valves?
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    Hey guys, I told you id eventually get through all the engine parts, past was pistons, todays is crankshafts! So Ive just finished pulling apart my 3UZ, its been long awaited, family issues have pinned this project to the floor... Now removing the crankshaft I realise its already pretty...
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    Are the studs compatible with the 3UZ? It seems the differences are small in terms of size, im guessing thats because 3UZ has bolts not studs? And the bearings are the same so I am interested, anyone have experience with ACL? I'm not sure myself. Thanks guys!
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    WTB: Heads

    Awesome, when i got them honed they said they were perfectly straight, but I really hope that this makes all the difference! And does anyone have those little half-circle blockoff plates that you put in the heads at the end of each cam? They are different in the 3UZ to the 1UZ as far as i...
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    WTB: Heads

    Hi guys, after closer inspection im not so keen to use the current head off my 3UZ, they're not warped, the cams just dont turn over smoothly at all in one of them. So im just wondering if anyone has a RHS (when you look at it from the front) set of heads (dont need valves, or hardware) from a...
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    NA 1uz

    Heres a couple of things that have come up for me... But here's the money: ed is the builder, 308kw N/A, hard to beat that. hes got plans for ITB's using the RB26 45mm goodies, and...