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    The Engineered 1UZ V8 Datsun 620 Build

    Super interested in your chassis design. This looks awesome!
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    best stand alone for 1uzfe with headers and OBX ITBs

    Any of you ITB guys have build threads? Curious on power people are making, and what you did to get it. I'm enjoying reading about the MS2 and MS3 options, definitely going to start gathering parts to make this happen.
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    remote oil take-off adaptor

    Got any pictures of your final welded adapter?
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    Has anyone ordered parts from Lextreme recently?

    He's around, and had been answering emails in late March, early April. I ordered some parts March 28th and they shipped by April 5th. Might depend on the difficulty to get the parts you ordered?
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    95 ls?

    Great cars. What kind of mileage does the car have? The 1UZ is a great engine and can last a long time.
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    Has anyone ordered parts from Lextreme recently?

    Anything some of us "newbs" to the Lexus world can do to help keep the website or forum going? I'd guess there are others who might be willing to help take some of the load off you Lex. PM me if there's anything I can do.
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    Has anyone ordered parts from Lextreme recently?

    Any word on parts starting to ship? I was thinking about an order, but might look elsewhere if I have to.
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    sc400 w58 flywheel spacer?

    Nice Yota, that was me. Getting things prepped for assembly soon. Pedals should go in next weekend or so.
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    sc400 w58 flywheel spacer?

    How long did it take to get your driveshaft? Assuming the spacer fixes the vibration, how do you like the driveshaft?
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    Sway bar end links

    Ooh, what forum was referencing that pic? I'm going to check out that facebook page now.
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    LS400 suspension

    Could check with Spinnetti, he races an LS400, and did a budget coilover set up.
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    LSD swap for the SC400 ???

    I've been thinking about switching our spring set up to the coil-over style. I'm eyeballing some used Bilstein's, which would work perfect for it. The 5 speed would be ideal, but I'm a bit nervous about the controller situation. I'd love to swap in the newer engine and everything, but there's...
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    A340E rebuilds

    So if I'm going to rebuild my A340, are there any other available gear ratios I can swap in? For example, do the A650 gears fit? Is there any way to ditch the overdrive gear for a 1:1, and make the rest of the gears closer ratio?
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    LSD swap for the SC400 ???

    Spinnetti, we're running the 4.27. It was nice help on 1st and 2nd gear accelleration, but it crushed our fuel economy at Road America. Way worse then we thought it would. I'm still trying to sort out our rear spring rates, we get unload the inside tire on too many turns, particularly hard...
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    LSD swap for the SC400 ???

    Reading the link you sent from clubna-t its talking about the Supra TT auto trans, from the MkIV being the drop in diff for SC's. I haven't read the other references yet, but I'm curious to hear if the MKIII JZA70 torsen fits. Those are much easier to find for a decent price.