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    1993 ls 400

    1993 Lexus LS 400 NO traction Control NO air suspension 162K miles Asking $3000 OBO wont take less than $2500 Selling because I moved to the Bay Area from Nebraska and bought a Camry Hybrid. I dont need this car. Problems: Front suspension is original and has never been replaced so...
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    Bay Area (Peninsula)

    Hey guys I just moved to the Bay Area(San Mateo), any members out here?
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    Sick of the Cold n Snow

    Whats up guys? Its been 3 weeks since I drove my Lexus. You guys who live in CA TX n FL have it good. :mad:
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    Are there any online good car store in Alabama?

    I usually go to craigslist first then autotrader. U looking for an LS400?
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    Best Y pipe for street driven Lexus sedans

    Thanks for that pic jbrady, So if someone wants to get S&S headers for their 90-94 LS400 then could they use the GS400 Cats and O2 sensors and it be almost a direct bolt on?
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    GS400 vs LS400

    Hey Guys just want your opinion. I have a 93 138k miles LS and have an EGR or some sort of exhaust leak so instead of fixing it, I was thinking of getting those S&S headers. The LS runs great!! At the same time I see a lot of G400s on Autotrader for less than $7k. Would you get the headers and...
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    Intro in order

    hello which headers are those?
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    Shocks - OEM vs Tokiko vs KYB

    so i made a small typo lol
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    Shocks - OEM vs Tokiko vs KYB

    Hey guys I have a 93 LS and I wanna firm up the suspension a lil. What do you recommend. I wanna keep it easy and under $500k.
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    quiet performance mufflers?

    Yeah I agree Dynomax and Magnaflow samething both have straight thru with no restrictions. I used a Dynomax 2.5 Bullet muffler to replace the center muffler and 2 Magnaflows 2.25 at the end.
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    quiet performance mufflers?

    I have Magnaflow 2.25 and they are too quiet for me.
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    Homemade crossover

    Hey guys check this car out. lol Jibby ull love this
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    auto stearing wont go up and down that tutorial shows you exactly how to do it. it took 10 mins total to do it.
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    91 LS400 w/ broken Speedometer

    I know this is an old thread but I was wondering if Heat or Temperature had anything to do with the Speedometer. Mine was not working and sometimes would work when id go over 50mph or over bumps or when i drove the car for a long time. Ever since i changed the thermostat and coolant though, it...
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    Show Me Your picture

    Thats me n my cuzins kid