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    North Florida area?

    Gonna plan something in 2014...
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    Lexus-Toyota V8 Shoot Out & Show

    This does look good and I'll help promote as much as possible. Not sure what Lex I'll have by then. It would be cool to attend.
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    2006 Lexus GS Spotted at Nürburgring!

    I've never bought a new car before. Depreciation hit initially. There is a 1st time for everything.
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    2006 Lexus GS Spotted at Nürburgring!

    Probably start at 40k for the GS300, 45k for the AWD GS 300, 49k for the GS 430 and near 60k loaded.
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    2006 Lexus GS Spotted at Nürburgring!

    We've just introduced the car at the Detroit auto show this morning. Here is the press release Lexus introduced the new GS luxury sport sedan today at a press conference at the North American International Auto Show. The all-new, more powerful GS utilizes the latest in advanced technology to...
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    2006 Lexus GS Spotted at Nürburgring!

    Looking good!
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    World view of the States? What's up Australia?

    I have many relatives overseas and its funny. pro240c stated some. American culture is so strong, it's taking the world over. From clothes to slang, music, etc. Yet its hated by many who want to keep the old ways. It's like they want Wal-Mart but can't stand to have it. Love/Hate thing...
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    SC400 Sideskirts

    Yup, many people upgrade the newer SC parts on the older SCs
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    Lexus in Europe?!?

    Okay, I guess it took me a couple minutes...enjoy!
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    Lexus in Europe?!?

    Europe 1. IS200 ( 1G-FE: 2.0L inline 6 VVTi - 153 hp a) 4 speed auto RWD b) 6 speed manual RWD 2. IS200 Sportcross (
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    Lexus in Europe?!?

    From my local market spec sheet: IS300 1550 kg (3417.107 lbs) 2JZ-GE, 2.997L, 24V VVT-i I6, 213PS (not sure how that converts to US hp) IS200 1420 kg (3130.511 lbs) 1G-FE, 1.998L, 24V VVT-i I6, 155PS Not sure about suspension, but I heard somewhere that the IS200 and IS300 share the...