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    95C1FC8B-ACFF-4E7A-B60C-9C6445EF909B.jpeg Hi everybody :)
    For 1996 ls400 I am trying to connect the ecu to run the speedometer without the circuit board . The actual speedometer has three inputs a 12v , ground and signal. The signal is to be received from pin 12 off the the ecu 28pin plug .
    It connects to b plug pin 8 on the instrument panal circuit board.
    My question is whether i can connect the signal directly into the speedometer gage or do it have to go through the circuit board?
    the wiring diagram shows direct connection between the gage and the signal . I tried but didn’t work.
    If i have to use the circuit board is there anyway to cut and minimize the board to only to the speedometer driver circuit ?
    Thanks guys it is great to be here.
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