1uz VVti wiring

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    Here is a link to a recent 1uz VVti wiring job I completed for an overseas customer. I'm located in New Zealand and customer is in the USA.

    His engine is a UZS170 series 1uz VVti
    His engine loom and harness is from a UCF20 series 1uz VVti
    My test engine is a 3uz VVti from UCF30

    I use video quite a bit to communicate with customers and this one sent me a video back of the work they have done on their conversion. It's great to see what progress they have made. My customers also have access to my knowledge and information videos. The instruction video for this loom is 7 minutes long and contains much more detail and tricks then I release publicly. Yes I do sell my wiring instructions and conversion instructions.

    Well it all runs and even talks with my cellphone. Almost a plug into a USA spec 4 runner manual. Customer only has to connect battery , fuel pump and fan output (after adding fan switch which was supplied) and modify the tacho to suit the VVti. Right onto my next job. Ive turned to the dark side and fitting an LS1. Don't worry Ill do a UZ after that.
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